SAP Basis
SAP Basis
The kernel and basis services component is a runtime environment for all R/3 applications that is hardware-, operating system- and database-specific. The runtime environment is written principally in C and C++. However, some parts are also written in ABAP. The tasks of the kernel and basis services component are as follows:

  • •Running applications
    All R/3 applications run on software processors (virtual machines) within this component.

  • •User and process administration
    An R/3 System is a multi-user environment, and each user can run several independent applications. In short, this component is responsible for the tasks that usually belong to an operating system. Users log onto the R/3 System and run applications within it. In this way, they do not come into contact with the actual operating system of the host. The R/3 System is the only user of the host operating system.

  • •Database access
    Each R/3 System is linked to a database system, consisting of a database management system (DBMS) and the database itself. The applications do not communicate directly with the database. Instead, they use Basis services.

  • •Communication
    R/3 applications can communicate with other R/3 Systems and with non-SAP systems. It is also possible to access R/3 applications from external systems using a BAPI interface. The services required for communication are all part of the kernel and basis services component.

  • •System Monitoring and Administration
    The component contains programs that allow you to monitor and control the R/3 System while it is running, and to change its runtime parameters.

The Basis module is the heart of any SAP installation out there. It relates to all things technical. It’s the engine that powers the rest of the pack. Get it wrong and things turn sour very quickly.

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